Laurie Reichart


Hello and thank you for checking out my website! Here’s where you get to know me better.

I was born a traveler. As a child growing up, we moved around a lot. The wandering didn’t slow down as I grew older. I’ve lived in over eighteen cities and towns and eight different states in the U.S. I’ve explored every state and different countries.

For the most part, it was about the adventure. This is where storytelling came in. As the new kid in town, I didn’t have many friends so I would turn to books. When I was old enough to speak and write, I entertained others by telling stories about places and people I’d seen and met. My stories were fantasies and large exaggerations.

It wasn’t until later when I took my writing more serious. After I attended college, graduating with a degree in healthcare, I began to write about the people I had the privilege to work with and take care of. My job, caring for others, was satisfying and fulfilling, but the writing voice continued to whisper in my ear, nudging me onto a different path. We all have stories to tell and I spent years listening to people tell me theirs. I had albums and journals full of settings and scenes and a career full of beautiful characters. I took the leap.

Instead of planning for retirement and building a portfolio, I was going back to school. My first short story and then an essay were published when I was still tuning my writer’s voice. It didn’t occur to me until another short story was published that I should write a novel.

My nomad life and career began to pay off. I pursued more writing workshops and conferences. My hope is to inspire people and create change. I delve into areas and on subjects most people find difficult.

I have a variety of interests that I include in my stories. I love nature and all she has to offer. I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, fly-fishing. I love animals and have three canines always keeping me company. In every town I travel to, I seek out the museums, their art, food and culture. I’ve sat on the front steps of strangers, at the bedside of the dying and in cafés and pubs, listening to storytellers.

After traveling and living out of boxes and suitcases for many years, I still have a craving for the road. My Road Home is an ongoing story, filled with a spirited tales about people and places.